Simposio de la Economía Cultural

In 2020, the Symposium on Cultural Economy brought together musicians, academics and undergraduates at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla-CRS to explore the influence of Norteño music on the identity and economy of the Tehuacán region of Puebla. Norteño music is an often derided genre in Mexico, even though its historical significance, economic impact, and international popularity are undeniable.

The conference featured three events. First, local musicians presented a concert of traditional and contemporary Norteño music. Second, outstanding undergraduates presented original research papers that focused on identity and economic activity within Norteño music. Third, the author and Universidad de Guanajuato professor Dr. Gabriel Medrano de Luna presented a lecture and workshop on methods for cultural research projects

Organized by the Communication Sciences Department, BUAP CRS. Poster by the graphic design students of Prof. Israel Palafox. Photos by Daniela Bolaños, Juan Daniel González, and Mariana Rivera. Concert by La Grandeza Norteña Los Netos. Conference by Dr. Gabriel Medrano de Luna, Universidad de Guanajuato.

Poster of Simposio de la Economía Cultural